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Address Change Complaints

Address Change Complaints

Address change is the access address of a betting site is closed and moved to a different address due to a number of obstructions. In order to have general information about Address Change Complaints, you should follow your site constantly. Overall access to the closure of a betting site via Turkey, it continues with the move to a new address for the site. There is no chance to access these sites closed by BTK through the same address. For this reason, you can instantly find out your new access address by sending an e-mail to the site administration while doing your research about the problem.

We can say that European licensed betting sites are closed periodically. The reason for this site is not legal in Turkey. Despite this, site owners move to a different address and continue the betting process with the same services. Members can also access the site instantly with their old information and receive services. If you are having a different problem, you should definitely send an e-mail and wait for your feedback. A serious increase has been observed in the number of sites closed to access recently. The bookmakers continue to prefer these betting games by getting service through the current access address.

There is no general problem with regard to Address Change Complaints. Sometimes it takes time for the site to move to the new address. In this process, you cannot bet because you cannot access the site. In fact, it is very unlikely that such a problem will appear on reliable sites, but we can still say that sites that act cautiously change addresses instantly in order not to victimize members. By typing the name of the betting site on the search engine, you can instantly find out which address you can trade with after the update in question.

Address Change Complaints are generally not continuous. As we mentioned, the sites are aware of this situation and continue to provide betting services by taking precautions in a short time. In addition, it has become a must to move these sites to a different address regardless of whether they are licensed or not. Because many users have current balance on the relevant betting site. It is extremely important to eliminate the access problem in a very short time and provide the same service to the members so that these payments can be made and the members can receive bets and casino services again.

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