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What to do if membership is closed?

What to do if membership is closed?

For different reasons, your existing memberships on betting sites can be closed. In this sense, we recommend you not to go beyond the site rules. On the other hand, bookmakers who research on what to do in case of membership closure should first contact the site administration and find out for what reason their membership has been closed. In addition, we would like to say that the closed memberships related to any fraud case will not be opened in any way. In the same way, the remaining balances in memberships that will not be opened are not returned to the users.

If your membership is closed on a betting site, you will be informed about why it has already been closed. Documents are sometimes requested to open your memberships that are closed except for fraud cases. These documents are documents showing the identity card and address information. The return process of these documents, which must be prepared and sent quickly, is also very short. In other words, when your document reaches the site management, the information is examined and you are informed that there is no problem and that your membership is activated again. After this process, you can start receiving service again with your membership information.

The answer to the question What to do in case of membership closure can be given in this way. In addition, membership has a freezing process. Sites that request more identity documents decide to freeze their membership until it is approved. The bookmaker waits until his membership opens, and then he continues the betting games in question. You should definitely learn what processes you will go through, what are the rules and conditions, and in which cases your account may be closed before you become a member of a site. You can then start your membership successfully and start playing the game of your choice and earn money.

Bookmakers also need to be sensitive in this regard. First of all, the slightest situation related to fraud should not be applied. However, keep in mind that your account will be closed directly in the second account opening process. Different transactions to be made in live bets or continuous bonus requests may also cause your membership to be suspended. If the site management is correct, you cannot make any application regarding the question of What to Do in case of Membership Dismissal and you cannot reach the remaining balance in your account. Also, you cannot request a new membership with the same name in any way.

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